Project 1: DropCare

Monitoring solution for Urinalysis & IV injection


Urinalysis and IV injection procedures are frequently used methods in most medical institutions. The importance of these procedures are covered by various articles. 

In the case of IV injection, if blood flows backward and coagulate the needle, it will stop the fluid supply to the patient. The longer the delay of aid, the more danger the patient will be exposed from underdose. In contrary, if the fluid is injected with faster speed than intended, it will result in an overdose and have a severe impact to the patient’s heart, which can even lead to death. 

In the case of Urinalysis, the patient’s urinary condition and urine volume can be used as an indicator for amount of bleeding and the appropriateness of the IV Injection. For example, if there is an internal bleeding at the surgical site after surgery, one of the most certain symptoms will be the decrease in urine volume. Also, it can help the medical staffs to be able to know the abnormality in kidney function in at an early stage. Researches show that the inpatient’s urine volume under 500cc or less within the first 24 hours after the hospitalization itself is a prognostic of death. 


Inevitably, these medical procedures may often be left under the blind spot of supervision.  The three big reasons are: time-consuming procedures, nursing shortage, and human errors.

  1. Time
    • IV Injection : Injection procedure takes time and often, patients are left un-supervised.
    • Urinalysis : In order for doctors to view patients’ urine data, it may take up to 1~3 hours, which delays the treatment within the golden-time.
  2. Workforce Shortage
    • Understaffing in hospitals is a serious problem. According to the WHO, the global number of health workforce shortages has reached 9 million vacancies, and is due to reach 18 million by 2030.
    • This means that patients are not receiving the attention they require, which can in many cases be life-threatening
  3. Subjective Judgment
    • IV Injection : Patients may not be able to call for help even when abnormality in the procedure occurs due to lack of medical knowledge.
    • Urinalysis : research has shown that there are 10% chances of human error interference in the process.


DropCare also serves as a predictor for danger in patient’s health. Without them having to continuously monitor the patients’ data, if any signs of abnormality are found in the analysis, DropCare immediately sends out notifications to the medical staffs through their monitoring app so that the staffs can provide the right treatment at the right time.

With DropCare, the problem is solved through: real-time procedures & data monitoring, increase in nursing efficiency, and elimination of human errors.

  1. Real-Time
    • Patient data regarding IV Injection and Urine are continuously collected and analyzed through the device and server.
    • The real-time analyzed data can be viewed anywhere and anytime through various platforms such as smartphone, tablet, and PC.
  2. Workforce Sufficiency
    • DropCare takes over simple but time-consuming tasks from the nurses so that they can focus on other tasks.
  3. Precise Judgment
    • With Doctor’s Fab’s machine learning technology, AI data analysis gives precise outcomes which eliminates human errors.
    • If any abnormality is found through the system, DropCare sends out notification to the medical staffs immediately.


  • Volume
  • Output Stability
  • Drainage Time
  • Urinalysis(Hematuria, Albuminuria, Pyuria, … Etc.)
  IV Injection
  • Injected Amount
  • Injection Speed
  • Injection Stability
  • Amount Left